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Zecapx (Swap Recordings)

Electronica / Downtempo Minimal / Deep Tech Techno

Zecapx is Jerome Caproni, French graphic designer, musician and label owner of Swap Recordings.
Zecapx released various EPs and remixes on labels like Tic Tac Toe, Frucht, Redukt, Swap and Monocline. Recently, he released an EP titled "Pomelo EP" on Frucht label and he has made remixes for Miss Sunshine, The Badgers and Nomenklatür.
His tracks and DJ set explores the dark sides of techno influenced by electronica music.
For this work he had gathered support from few major artists such as Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Speedy J, Troy Pierce, Mark Broom, Clement Meyer and many others…

(Swap / Tic Tac Toe / Frucht / Monocline / Redukt)


Originals releases:
FRUCHT028 - Zecapx - Pomelo EP (Frucht Label)
TTTDIGI014 - Zecapx - Belloid (Tic Tac Toe)
Swap008 - Zecapx - 'Ozer View' - (Swap)
Swap006 – Zecapx - 'Infans EP' - (Swap)
Monocli29 - V/A – Zecapx - 'Apart Of Three '(Dj Tool) - (Monocline)
Monocli15B - V/A – Zecapx - 'Clounds' - (Monocline)
Monocli07 – Zecapx - 'Vocal Stabs' - (Monocline)
Swap002 – Zecapx - 'Frankool' - (Swap)

Swap014 - Nomenklatür - 'Scripto Continum' (Zecapx Rmx) - (Swap)
Monocli45 - Miss Sunshine - 'Make My Heart a Dancer' (Zecapx Remix) - (Monocline)
RDKT038 - The Badgers - 'Notre Dame' (Zecapx Remix) - (Redukt)
Swap011 - Jan Hendez - ‘Sheen’ (Zecapx Dub Rmx) - (Swap)
Swap009.5 - Miss Sunshine - 'She's a Crazy Psycho' (Zecapx Rmx) - (Swap)
Swap007 - Tess Wassila - 'Pepper' (Zecapx Rmx) - (Swap)
Swap005 - Jan Hendez - 'Warb' (Zecapx Rmx) - (Swap)
Swap004 - Samuel Brunel - 'Orpheo' (Zecapx Rmx) - (Swap)
Monocli05 - Re:Axis - 'Warm Line EP' (Zecapx Crazy Swing Rmx) - (Monocline)
Plastikman - Ask Yourself (Zecapx Remix @Burn Studios)

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