Key Commands

Zander James

Progressive House Electro House House +3

Zander James (Alex Beehler) is a 21 year-old college student who is new to the DJ scene. He started to mix songs for college parties his Sophomore year (2011) and has been developing his style ever since. Zander specializes in Progressive House, where he is known for mixing melodic vocals with euphoric big-room house drops. He also mixes current top 40 songs into his sets creating a very unique ebb & flow on the dance floor that will see crowds yelling out lyrics to a popular song one minute, and going crazy for the following house drop the minute after.

In the near future Zander will be mixing live sets in Iowa’s Corridor region along with the Western Suburbs of Chicago (where Zander is originally from). Zander also hosts a weekly radio show, Zander’s Hau5 Party, on his school’s radio station KRNL every Friday evening at 7.

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