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New York, NY, USA

The highly-textured music and vivid visual presentations of versatile singer and multi-media artist Ysan Roche illuminate the never-ending possibilities of the soul to transform and emerge from the ashes into enlightenment and self celebration. The vibrant melodies and the intricately-crafted images she expresses through film, photography and fashion embody her belief that music is freedom and is alive as a unique character in its own exhilarating, heroic story, overflowing with romance, tragedy and triumph. The breadth of sonic colors she reveals through each song expose the diversity of her profound musical and artistic influences: brave multi-instrumental pioneers like Björk; challenging, dynamic and dark icons such as Marilyn Manson; sultry songwriters and philosophers such as David Bowie and The Velvet Underground and spirited, clever, energetic pop mavens like Gwen Stefani. Through every mesmerizing performance, Ysan Roche honors the journey of the human spirit’s rise from the depths of darkness into the beautiful light of harmonious balance with the universe.

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