Key Commands

Youthful Implants

Tech House Breaks Techno Glitch Hop +4

Youthful Implants (real name: Alex Virr) has been producing and DJing since he caught the Jungle bug in Manchester in 1996. Now residing in Melbourne, Australia - he runs his own record label called Strontium Music catering to bass music fans across the board. Has released original music and remixes on labels: Strontium Music, Breakz R Boss, Flextone, Sango, Scarcity, Dead Famous, Waveshape, Pocket Rockets and Defbox. Was a partner and co-promoter of Supatronix UK in London and has also DJ’d for Supatronix at Revolver in Melbourne. He conceived of and collaborated on Electro label Future Perfect, sister label to the magnificent Hardcore Beats and written press for Has been nominated at Breakspoll twice for best small club (Supatronix 2008) and breakthrough label (Future Perfect 2009). He is also a working graphic designer, fine artist and classical music addict.

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