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Hailing from Hamburg/Germany and DJ since 1999, Yoko’s first records that he bought were the fast Oldschool Hard-Trance & Rave tunes that he was already addicted to since 1994. To this day he’s still in love with the retro sound, the best proof of this being the 35 mixes that he did on the “Flashback” show for Digitally Imported Radio over the course of three years, which he hosted together with DJ Meke from Finland.
His love for fast-paced electronic music remains to this day, which led him to Drum&Bass in all it’s varieties. Amongst all the Drum&Bass sub-genres, Yoko’s heart really beats for the melodic, uplifting, high-energy tunes. Just as a reference for himself, he dubbed this style “Euphoric Drum&Bass”.

At the end of 2011, Yoko decided that it was finally time to dive into the realm of producing electronic music, rather than just playing it. The first remix he did, purposely kept in the style of his beloved 90s Hard-Trance, was released on Atomic Digital Recordings only 6 months later. Since then he produced more remixes and original tracks both in the Retro Hard-Trance style as well as Drum&Bass, and enjoys every minute he can afford to spend on producing new tunes.

Yoko was most fortunate to have been able to play in such nice countries as Northern Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland already, and it always makes him happy to see other people enjoy his DJ sets as much as he does playing them. He likes to go crazy behind the decks, and when people respond to that with nothing but positive energy it’s the best reward for him as a DJ that he can imagine.

Since December 2012, Yoko is also part of the German webradio Revival-Kult, hosting his show called “Return To The Classics”. The show features not only the well-known classics from the 90s, but also hidden gems, long forgotten, from the time of the “Raving Society”.

Nevertheless, his love for Drum&Bass is on the same level today as it is for Retro Hard-Trance, and he shows this by contributing great mixes with eclectic types of Drum&Bass to podcasts, playing DJ sets at various events in Hamburg and last but not least by hosting his own Drum&Bass radioshow on called “Grid Epsilon”.

Last but not least, Yoko is also a member of "Electric Fabric", organizing events in his hometown of Hamburg/Germany together with a few trusted friends. The goal of the Electric Fabric community and the events in particular is to showcase the variety of electronic music, and to encourage more interaction between the various genres.

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