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Bucharest, Romania House Deep House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +2

Ciprian Simion (Xperimental) was born in 1983 in the town of Brasov in Romania.
Ciprian has studied violin and piano for several years.
Playing violin has opened a world of possibilities, often finding himself wandering away from the musical sheet and following the music of his heart.
The last 12 years have been a continuous journey, finding inspiration in the wonderful chaotic city of Bucharest.

The vibrant club scene in Bucharest also fuelled the desire to play music and to make music, Ciprian often finding himself after a party at home designing sounds and beats for hours on end or just mixing.
As a DJ, Xperimental played at parties in the Bucharest local scene and with perseverance also came the results as a producer.
“Xperimental” is a story at its beginning , changing and evolving in the pursuit of the perfect sound.

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