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Xavier Felix

California, USA Tech House House

Xavier Felix Dj and Producer Xavier has been a professional DJ for the past 10 years with gigs spanning the crowds. Co-creator of Be Happy Entertaiments Label, bringing together masses of people with fantastic grooves, sounds, loops, an extrairdinari good taste in muisic
leathing him take a good position on the charts. He has produce some great Tech House tracks as well djing with some of the most greatest producers and djs such as: Darin Epson, Jesus Pablo, Pablokey, Fedek, Paul Nagera, Red Soya, Xerpent, Louise Fresco, Fernatto Canett, Sahashiro Nagasaki, Armand Padilla, Alex Rubio, Atariroots, Bruno Pronsato, Climbers, and more.

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