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Wyatt Earp

Brooklyn, NY, USA Deep House Tech House Techno House

Acting Member, DJ'd heavily from 1993 - 2005


Wyatt Earp or DJ Wyatt Earp is a USA house DJ, producer, musician, Beatport LLC. Member and private record label owner. Wyatt Earp (AK Wyatt Jenkins) was a popular DJ at nightclubs and Raves in the U.S. He was based in Denver Colorado and bore the title "Denver's hardest working DJ" in marketing as he was known to play 5-7 gigs a week in and around clubs and raves in the U.S. In Denver, he was a resident DJ at Rock Island, The Church, 1082 Broadway, Beta Nightclub, 2AM, Funky Buddha Lounge, Vinyl, Amerika and others.

In 1997, he joined the Denver based DJ crew Casa Del Soul started by DJ Sense (AKA Nathan Uhlir) and including DJ Catt, Ty Tek, DJ Foxx and Little Mike. In between 1999 and 2004 he experienced success writing deep house and tech house music both as a solo artist and with partners, DJ Foxx, Little Mike, DJ Catt and Jonas Tempel. Between 1999 and 2004, he travelled nationally and internationally to perform at nightclubs and parties including residencies at The End Up in San Francisco, RedNo5 in Chicago. Wyatt released music on Casa Del Soul Records, Vibernt Records, Imix Records, Household Recordings, Primal Recordings and his own label Hochokai Recordings.
During his career, Wyatt booked and/or DJ'd alongside a broad spectrum of House, Techno, progressive house, artists including, but not limited to Derrick Carter, David Morales, Little Louie Vega, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, John Digweed, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Jeff Mills, Danny Tenaglia, Chemical Brothers, John Acquaviva, Fatboy Slim, Josh Wink, and X-press 2
In 2003, Wyatt was approached by Eloy Lopez, Jonas Tempel and Brad Roulier (one-half of duo The Manufactured Superstars) to help start He became a board member of Beatport in 2004 and worked there until September 2009. During his time At Beatport he held the title of various positions including head of operations and spoke on behalf of the company on Dance Music related panels internationally such as Mutek in Montreal 2005 and Amsterdam Dance Event on topics related to electronic music and digital distribution.


2000 - DJ Catt & Wyatt Earp - Animal Tracks (Casa Del Soul)
2001 - DJ Foxx & Wyatt Earp - Soul Penetration (Casa Del Soul)
2001 - Wyatt Earp - Green Tea (Hochokai)
2001 - Chuggernaut - Casatek (Imix Records)
2002 - Wyatt Earp & Little Mike - Android (Hochokai)
2002 - Chuggernaut - XC (Imix Records)
2002 - Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx - Portuguese Dream (Vibernt Records)
2002 - Chuggernaut - Jusrawkin (Imix Records)
2002 - Little Mike & Wyatt Earp - Android (Hochokai Records)
2002 - DJ Foxx & Wyatt Earp - Simple Things (Hochokai Recordings)
2003 - Highway Robbery Project - All Deities (Hochokai Records)
2003 - Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx - The Emerson E.P. (Primal Records)
2003 - Matthew Moffre - Soul Colors (Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx Remix) (Hochokai Recordings)
2003 - Earth Dueley - Chocolate (Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx Remix) (Hochokai Recordings)
2003 - Wyatt Earp & Jonas Tempel Feat. Stacy Briscoe - Frequency (Hochokai Recordings)
2004 - Wyatt Earp & Jonas Tempel - Chronic Acidtosis (Casa Del Soul)
2004 - Wyatt Earp & DJ Foxx - Drive (Household Recordings)

1996 - Yin/Yang Mix Compilation by Wyatt Earp
1997 - Wyatt Earp - Haunted House - (Casa Del Soul Records)
1998 - DJ Catt vs. Wyatt Earp - (Casa Del Soul Records)
1998 - Wyatt Earp - Blueprint (FXTC Records)

Continuous Mix CDs
2001 - NEXT Vol. 1 mixed by Wyatt Earp
2002 - Funky Buddha Lounge Essentials Vol.1 mixed by Wyatt Earp
2003 - Funky Buddha Lounge Essentials Vol.2 mixed by Wyatt Earp
2004 - 2AM Underground Essentials Vol.1 mixed by Wyatt Earp
2009 - Wyatt Earp Presents Beta Nightclub 2XCD
2010 - Wyatt Earp Presents Beta Nightclub Promo Volume 2

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