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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Techno

WorDa Biography:

Davor Pavelic alias Worda one of a leading Bosnian producers & djs which reputation has gone global.
He starts his career as DJ when he was 17 in Sarajevo. Continues to play in all major clubs in Bosnia
for next 4 years.
His first productions and releases comes in age of 22 for Egyptian Label "Purple Edge Records"
and Spanish, Alex Roque's label "WhoBear Records".
Same year he managed to reach 14# place on Beatport Techno Top Chart with track
Sick Minimal(Skate Remix) released by Purple Edge Records, and few months later reached Trackitdown
Top spot on Techno chart with his remix on Malda's Robot Factory released by Canadian InterTech
His potential then was spotted by few big names such is Dandi & Ugo, Spartaque, Piatto, and by
one of producers which has most influence on his work, Slovenian superstar, Umek.
Just one year later he releases on Umek's 1605 Music Therapy his track "Sensation" and with that
track he reached Beatport Techno Top chart again.
After powerful start of his producer career he continues with big releases, next one was his remix
on Piatto vs Dandi & Ugo's track Circus released by Italo Business and after that he releases on
N.O.I.A. Records, Miniatures Records, Ready 2 Rock, No Logik Records, Teggno Records,
Pragmatik Recordings, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Flat Belly Recordings, Sex Panda Records, Define Records,
Frequenza, Future lovers etc.
Due that time he gains supports world wide from artists such is: Sven Vath, Timo Maas, Spartaque,
Umek, Piatto, Dandi & Ugo, Phunk Investigation, Richie Hawtin, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tomy Declerque,
Dualitk, Tesla etc.

Love for Electronic music, bass and his emotions are deeply woven in his tracks and podcasts. His production
singature are Strong flat pumping bassline and with small amounth of percussion rythm and squeezing
uplift hoovers packed as one full time ride.
Guided by his emotions in recent releases he tryed to make tracks with more tribal sounds in it.

His tracks and podcasts are played in Mexico, Korea, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Spain,
Hungary, USA etc.

After successfully draw attention of his fans to himself he make few collabs with few colleagues
to combine his production with theirs. Collabs with Fusky (Greece), Ton Def (Bosnia),
Aniss Hypnoise (Marocco), Vontech (Bosnia), SightCell (Bosnia), Samy Jarrar, Forniva (Bosnia) etc.

Most of his recent productions are signed for new respectable labels such is:
Dsr Records, Naughty Pills Records, Bequem Digital, Autismo Records, Free Spirit Records,
Sound Lab, Futuro Sounds, ECI Records, Level One Records, That's Hot Records etc.

Recent international gigs brought him new experiences and enhance his dj & producer skills.
International gigs:
Caruso Club (Switzerland), KGB Kuca (Belegrade - Serbia), MMC Kugla (Koprivnica - Croatia),
UFC (Zagreb - Croatia), Salvador Dali (Slavonski Brod - Croatia).

In eight years long career he shared decks with many artists and some of them are:
Chris Lawyer (Hungary), DoubleScore (Switzerland), Ben Lb (France), Shi-pe (Croatia),
Lilonee (Croatia), Sinisa Lukic (Bosnia and Herz.), Ton Def (Bosnia and Herz.),
Rub a Dub (Bosnia and Herz.), Fedja Knajdl (Bosnia and Herz.), G.Edd (Bosnia and Herz.),
Borg (Bosnia and Herz.), Samy Jarrar (Bosnia and Herz.), Q'le (Bosnia and Herz.),
Miss Slave (Bosnia and Herz.), Extenzion (Bosnia and Herz.) etc.

Worda Record Labels:
Purple Edge Records | DSR Digital | Level One Records | Free Spirit Records | Naughty Pills Records |
That's Hot Records | Flat Belly Recordings | Hamburg Aufnahmen | Vilena Records | Autismo Records |
Dancing Moon | InterTech Records | Kontrol Records | LW Recordings | Miniaturesrec |
N.O.I.A. Records | No-Logik Records | Sex Panda Records | Tretmuehle | 1605 Music Therapy |
Absolutely Records | Bequem Digital | D-ser Records | Define Records | Doppelgaenger | ECI Korea |
Frequenza | Future Lovers | Futuro Sounds | HTML Records | Italo Business | Pragmatik Recordings |
Sound Lab | Teggno Records | Tracer Records | Triple Recordings | Voodoo Records | WhoBear Records

Supported by:
Umek | Sven Vath | Richie Hawtin | Dandi & Ugo | Piatto | Spartaque | Alex Di Stefano |
Sebastian Ingrosso | Phunk Investigation | Tommy DeClerque | Jay Kay | Scott Langley |
Timo Maas | Chris Lawyer | Ton Def | Sinisa Lukic | Tesla | DJ Harv | etc.

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