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Mathew Wolf

Progressive House Trance House +3

Mathew Wolf, born in 1988, is a Slovak DJ and producer creating his own sound from the age of 16. His DJ career started in 2006 in Bratislava (Slovakia) where he met his "teacher" - DJ Woodee who gave him the basics, showed him the direction and pushed him higher. He started at Apollon club, Bratislava. Thanks to the positive feedback he got to the clubs like Unique, Dopler, Infinity, Alibaba, Celebrity Lounge, Primi and many more. From september 2009 to september 2011 he was a resident DJ in Marseille club, Kosice. In september 2011 he moved to Brno (Czech Republic) where he is studying now.

Mathew Wolf has been producing music sicne he was 16. He keeps working on his skills and acquiring the experience that are apparent in his production and results. His "Britney Spears - Criminal" remix, with over 400,000 views and downloads, has become very popular.
As to the style, his production goes through various genres - progressive house, trance, dubstep or style called "light music".
He also cooperates with other producers and is preparing a track in cooperation with Thomas Fronix.

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