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Osnabrück, Germany Electro House Progressive House House

Whiteburg a.k.a. (former known as) MEMO, born 1993 in a small town near Osnabrück, started to express his creativity with music when he was eight. First learning the piano, followed by the guitar, the baseguitar and the drums. While his music than was influenced by fameous rock bands like Green Day, Rise Against, this rapidly changed when he began to visit the clubs.
Nowdays, he doesn't only listen to the big sounding club-songs, but produces them with his former knowledge... Take a step into his music and listen to the tracks!

As he was a trained musician and a former live performer & singer in bands, he couldn't resist to scratch up his DJ-Performance with some live performance. This is when Whiteburg grabs out his Maschine and performs the all-time clubbanger like "Epic" or "Million Voices" and many more live.

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