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London, UK Indie Dance / Nu Disco Deep House Funk / Soul / Disco +1

Dan Westlake, aka Westlake72, is a London based producer, DJ, and conceptual artist. Westlake spent the 90's promoting his own house and disco nights at venues such as the famous 'The Brain' club in London's Soho, before moving behind the decks towards the end of the decade to spin an eclectic mixture of disco, funk and boogie. Westlake continued to run and promote his own nights into the 2000's, spinning regularity in both London and New York including a summer residency at the legendary Lower East Side DJ haunt The Lotus Lounge. It was around this time that he began to experiment with music making while also developing an alternative career as an artist - producing sonic art, text pieces, and video installations for galleries in London and NYC while also DJing at art events, openings and private views.

Since the turn of the decade Westlake has spent his time primarily concentrating on his music production. With a fondness for vintage synthesizers such as the Yamaha DX7, Juno-60 and TB-303, Westlake’s sound borrows liberally from the history of dance music, mixing and matching disco, funk, boogie and classic house elements to create his own contemporary sound palette. Westlake sights the early 80's work of New York post-disco producers such as Darryl Payne, Paul Simpson and Patrick Adams as particular influences.

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