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Villa Mercedes, San Luis Province, Argentina Progressive House Techno Tech House +2

Victor Nicolas Schvöllner: german origins, born in Argentina, raised in Italy...citizen of the world. He started to produce in 2007 when he was 17, influenced by Progressive & Electro House styles. All went well for the following 3 years but then, in the end of 2009, something happened...
A being called 'Sigma', from another world and another time, came on Earth and decided to absorb his identity: so, the union of the 2 entities brought the name 'VnSigma'. Ancient and unknown sources tell about Sigma: "Desde la profundidad de los tiempos habia vagado por el universo siguiendo una orbita tan grande que su misma existencia fuè desconocida por muchas generaciones".
After his first release in January 2010 VnSigma has only one goal: emerge from the crowd. There are no rules for him, no styles, no default patterns. Simply he addapts himself to his own will and his sound is a continuous experiment. So VnSigma's production could be defined as a melodic journey through the genres, from Deep House to Trance, from 120 to 140bpm.
Future sound is coming mates...stay tuned;)!

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