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Vasilije Bosnjakovic who's also known as Vasili B., born 31st of October 1986 in Ivanjica, Serbia.

Vasili started producing at a young age (13) with a strong interest in electronic music.
He taught himself how to be able to express his deepest emotional feelings by playing the notes on his synthesizer, which eventually made him caught up with Trance.

In 2004 he participated in an InternetDJ community for which he produced a track called 'Priceless Jewel' which was dedicated to his Mother to show his gratitude and respect.
His track reached the New York InternetDJ community chart in no time.

Inspired by big names and producers like Thrillseekers, Jan Johnston, Euphonic, Above and Beyond, Elles de Graaf to name a few, he is now setting foot to take part in the scene to share his music to the world.

Vasili has just finished his track called 'Alive' containing the legendary work of Dead Can Dance that made the world shake with their spiritual and goosebumping sounds back in 1988. Vasili is taking everyone back to the future to experience this once again.

His debute single will be released at Apocalypse Recordings, the home of the massive Norwegian duo Lemon & Einar K (known from hits like Hope, Anticipation).

2010 just started and Vasili B is just getting warmed up!, keep your eyes open for this guy!

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