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Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tech House Techno Electronica / Downtempo Minimal / Deep Tech

Varick O’Dea, otherwise known as the Tontine, was introduced to the varied and eclectic musical styles of New York while growing up in the city. Toying with different genres, Varick slowly but surely found his rhythm during his time at Eightball Records, where he began mingling in the music industry. Finding the sound that suited him best was the easy part, the difficult part was finding a way to express it. After a gig at Sheik 'n' Beik's weekly rendez-vous at Kush lounge back in 2008 Varick became an instant resident. To this day you will still experience painful soles and blistering heels as Varick applies his blend of minimal infused techno, whether it be at dingy warehouses or sunny rooftops. As Varick steadily progresses, he keeps busy producing tunes for upcoming releases.

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