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Van Drift

Czech Republic Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Tech House Progressive House +1

DJ, promoter and a fresh beginning producer , known as DJ Taureen as well, comes from the Czech republic and is dedicated to djing for more than 20 years already. In the meantime, he has passed off various musical and technical processes to finally end up at a digital djing and the ableton software.
This program, in connection with a controller and main mix ( Allen & Heath Xone DB4) + Pioneer RMX 500/1000 , enables the build in of his basic segments needs to the dj set from the start.
He’s well known by his fancy, long and precise mixes of 4 tracks, often enriched with loops, samples, effects and mash-ups. With the help of the Mixed in Key and DJ Software (Harmonic Mixing) he is capable of creating very sophisticated and complex musical collages with an appropriate qualitative sound selection.

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