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Province of Milan, Italy Techno Tech House Trance Electro House

Ezio Vallini a.k.a. DJ Valez is nowadays Chief Executive Officer
of the International project Italia Network INmyradio, music producer and DJ's talent scout.

He began his DJ carrier in 1980 playing in the clubs of Milan. In 1987 he entered Radio DEEJAY (at that time owned by Claudio Cecchetto) staff as a technician.

In 1992 he produced his first album. His record productions in the following years were distributed by prestigious labels such as UMM (Underground Music Movement) e la SUBWAY RECORDS.
In 1996 he founded the disco label Networks Club with Luca Antolini.

In the same year he became Production Manager in Radio Italia Network in Bologna under the Direction of the Editorial Chief Michele Menegon (a.k.a. Michael Hammer). In the same period he became more famous as DJ in whole Italy playing in the most important Italian Clubs. With Luca Antolini he has been the founder of the hystorical italian "one night" ORBITAL managing the musical direction.

The abive experiences he made in all these years in different areas like music, web and the communication world are the basis of the know how which has leaded him to create in 2007 the International music project INMYRADIO.NET still existing nowadays.

In 2010 he became co-owner with Fulvio Perniola of Nu Tunes Records. The perfect synergy between the two artists and the continued search for a fresh and never dull sound has brought many positive feedbacks for this new brand.
His sounds is a Techno and Tech-house, always in constant evolution and sophisticated always looking for huge melody.

With Fulvio Perniola and Gianni Bini (Fathers of Sound) he’s also involved in some big project develop with Nu Tunes Records and Ocean Trax. that will be featured in the dance scene in the coming months.

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