Key Commands

Universal Mind Gate

Portugal Psy-Trance Trance Techno Progressive House +1

Jose Carlos Silva (Prime Quest) and Marco Paulo Silva (Subsystems) that were born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1980.
Back in the good old days of 1999 they were under fine and well known influences from Trance musicians of that generation, thus it didn't toke too long for their former and peaceful rising consciousnesses on dance floors all over Portugal to become physically dynamic and overwhelming objective new twisting stars over computers that pushed them away to pull their own strings also for an unique music style reflecting a clean, non-mystic and bright psychedelic context in all the work developed this far.
From powerful dark environments to full on and psychedelic based ambient, they make it passively and actively easy when it comes to use complexity on drum structures, tweaking sine soft bubbly wave forms into grain scratching leads and evolving atmospheres sequences with the time professionally spent over some friends hardware sometimes.
Prime Quest and Subsystems (Universal Mind Gate) will always have as its principle inclination the production of all necessary new ideas for every perception shifting needs of the psychedelic community.

"Dark, psychedelic Goa, hard psychedelic, elaborated techno!"

" ॐ Music never sounds better."


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