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Russian Federation Progressive House Deep House Breaks +3

Undina (her real name is Irina) was born in Engels of the Saratov Region, received a musical education in the local music school where she learned to play the piano. Later she showed an interest in playing the guitar, singing and composing songs. She started a career in music in 2002 as a vocalist of “Diagnose Paranoia” hard-rock band although they ceased to exist after 2 years. Later on Undina joined a funk band “Nicoteen” but very soon she left it for the reason of creative disagreements. Apart from performing with different bands Undina sang her own songs (in the genre of alternative rock) and blues covers accompanying herself on the guitar. After comes 5-years-break from the stage. During that period Undina is doing a sociolinguistic research and in 2011 gets a Ph. Degree in sociology. In autumn 2011 Undina returns to music and veers off into a totally new direction - electronic music. She cooperates with DJs and musicians of her home city and in 2012 starts creating her own vocal electronic music in progressive house, trance and dub step styles. Her first work “Two sparks” had already been released in March in two versions - original and dub mix. Creating music she adds both lyrics and vocals of her own to the tracks. Having learned music production basics Undina also does the vocal recording and mixing. A combination of unusual music style with a keen musical sense and temperamental vocals is Undina’s distinguishing feature. Today Undina, an singer and a promoter of her own electronic music, goes on working and creating new compositions.

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