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Twenty Nine Beatz

Poland Progressive House House Electro House +6

Twenty Nine Beatz is the pseudonym of Michael Milanowski, an emerging Polish producer of electronic music. Michael's adventure with music began moderately early, at age 10, he first encountered electronic music. At the age of 14 together with a colleague he discovered the program Fruity Loops, an advanced workstation for digital signal processing (current versions are called FL Studio) - which he uses to this day.

Although Michael has yet to reach what he desires in the field of music production, he has managed to release a series of interesting tracks and remixes. By partnering with a friend longer involved in music production, in 2010 Michael created his first professional production. That same year, Michael released a couple of fairly well-known remixes, especially the well-known remix of "Despina Vandi - GIA." Since that time Michael decided to take up being a producer seriously, which has paid off. He made his debut with his first single "Episode of Life".

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