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Hi! I'm Tunga, an 18 year old producer from Miami, Fl. I got into electronic music when I was younger, I don't remember how young, lets say...12-13 years old? I was at a yard sale and bought Daft Punk's Discovery. Sounds like a cliche, I know, get introduced to a new genre-a whole new world- just because I thought that the cover looked awesome. But hey, I am where I am now and like the music I listen to and the people I hang out with. I didn't actually start producing music until 2010. Started out just using Garageband on the Mac, then learned about better (more professional) programs like Ableton. Then, that's when I decided to save up my money and I bought the Ableton APC 40. I later saved up a whole summers worth of money to buy my first set of turntables, the Traktor Kontrol S4 (or controller if you wanna get technical). Now, I love to produce and DJ, it's my biggest hobby and it's my passion. If my career takes off that would be the best thing ever! But it's not all about the money, and I'll have fun doing it whether it's a house party or Ultra Music Fest.

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