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Moca 56000, Dominican Republic Progressive House Electro House Deep House +3

Born Ulises Guzmán, in Brooklyn, NY, then raised in Moca, DR, this uprising Dj showed his interest for music since he was a child. Around the year 2005, Tito (A family nickname when he was a kid...) began to experience with very basic computer programs to make his remixes.
This way, he recorded his first production under the name of Dj tiTo, wich was called: El Magnate, which had a series of volumes.
Later, in 2007, Tito discovered Virtual DJ, which you could say, it's the real beginning of his career as a DJ. With lots of practice, and dedication, Tito finished his second production, House Is Beautiful, which is the first production of what he plays today: House Music.
Then, in 2009, on one of his trips to NY, he met another dominican Dj/Producer, who introduced him to Tracktor and FL Studio.
Since then, Tito started to make his own tracks, and new mixes, and with them he finished his production Renovation, at the beginning of the year 2010.
Finally, at the end of 2010, he bought his own Dj equipment,with which he formally started his Dj career in the clubs, playing numerous sets and bootlegs, such as We Are One, Feel The Vibe, and Living Electro.
Today, this young Dj is up and running, delighting his crowd with his sound, under the name of: T-Tone

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