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Berne, Switzerland Drum & Bass

No sound under 174 BPM comes out of the speakers when TRX puts the needle on the black plastic.
Its not surprising that the young DJ from Berne rapidly made himself a name in the swiss Drum & Bass scene in such short time.
In clubs he gets people boiling with lots of fantastic tunes and great beats.
Whether Liquid, Jump Up or Neurofunk – TRX will always find a suitable track in these subgenres to make you go wild.

TRX started to play with Vinyl since 19th march 2008 and with CDJ's since 3th december 2011

club references:
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Dachstock - Berne [CH]
Shakira - the club - Bern [CH]
Gaskessel - Bern [CH]
Graffitti - Bern [CH]
Kapelle - Bern [CH]
Kultarena - Bern [CH]
Nordstern - Basel [CH]
Garage - Basel [CH]
Fri-Son - Freiburg [CH]
Bar59 - Luzern [CH]
Rok - Luzern [CH]
Tunnel Klub (ehem. Nautilus) - Luzern [CH]
Südpol - Kriens [CH]
Flösserplatz - Aarau [CH]
KiFF - Aarau [CH]
Schützenhaus - Villmergen [CH]
Kulturfabrik - Wetzikon [CH]
Superzero - Zürich [CH]
Thai Thai Club - Zürich [CH]
Rohstofflager - Zürich [CH]
X-TRA - Zürich [CH]

Density Radio X FM 94,5 - Basel [CH]
NoizieTV [ustream] - Berne [CH]

Crew History:
09/10 Member of „Bassride“, which organized regularly events @ the Rohstofflager Zürich
since October 2010 Member of „Project Riot“, which organizes events @ Kiff Aarau

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