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Trezz Dizzy | Dirty Dutch

Malaysia Electro House House Drum & Bass +2

Trezz Dizzy,born as Stewart Edward (Malaysia, 08 Febuary 1991) is a Dirty Dutch DJ and producer of his own record labels MASTERMIND RECORDS.
Trezz grew up in Bintulu City and was influenced by the large number of musical genres from other country. When one of his friends started working as a DJ, his interest for DJing started at the age of 19 when he started experimenting with remixing at home. Gradually, he built his own record collection. At first, he played at parties of his friends and family. In 2009, he started working as a freelance DJ as a party DJ.Trezz's did remixes for other bands. In 2010, he performed as the official DJ at the dance event at Bintulu,Friday Night Party. Afterwards, he stated that this was a dream come true for him:and promised himself that one day he would be standing behind the DJ table. The song "Frequency" was originally by him self. In 2012 Trezz was also featured on DJ Ent3r remix "Eighty Madnes Mix", which also featured vocals by Ambush. In 2012 Trezz released "Mortal Come Back" this was solo work by Trezz him self.

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