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Travis Trax

Denver, CO, USA Progressive House Trance Dubstep +1

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Travis began exploring the extremes of the electronic music scene in early 2000. By the end of 2008, he started working with local producers and gradually progressed to a studio; where he develops his own sound to this very day. In 2011, Travis broke out into the Denver scene with sets at Beta Nightclub, Club Vinyl, Casselman's, Norad Dance Bar, Bar Standard, Mix Music Lounge, Mynt Lounge, and Spill. After only a short while of doing his own production, he has already been featured on music blogs such as,,, and He pulls together a blend of Progressive House, Electro and Trance with just a touch of Dubstep. His mixes and original work will get you up and keep you there. Be sure to catch his upcoming shows at Beta Nightclub, and music festivals around Denver!

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