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Čačak, Serbia Deep House Progressive House Tech House +1

Tower Team was founded in 2001. Co-founders - Tower-B and Tower-G made their debut on 6th of Feb. 2001 when they were house music DJ's in "Cotton Club" Cacak for Bob Marley's B-day event. Soon after that they performed at their own party called "Urban Assault" @ Club of Culture House in Cacak. After that, they had a lots of smaller private parties until 2005-06. They moved to "guerrila" for a while, but from 2010 they are again active, especially DJ Tower-B with making a lot of DJ sets and party in ex-club "Zanzibar" in Cacak. In 2011 and 2012 work is based on DJ sets and promoting on FB and Soundcloud. Tower-G had a big role as a VJ in a big event (2.000 people) "West-Fest" that was held in Cacak in Jan. of 2012. and April 2013. Tower-B was on air twice as a guest of a show called: "Urban Life" on Urban City Radio, hosted by DJ Djix.

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