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Tom Gotti

Vienna, Austria Techno

Tom Gotti was born in June 1985 in Vienna (Austria).
As Tom came in contact with Techno for his first time in 2001, he was stunned and excited about a crowd of 3000 people who all had the same spirit.
His passion for Techno Festivals was awaked and years of enjoying those passed the land before he decided to buy his first equipment. So he started mixing in 2008 and after a lot of practicing and experimentation Tom Gotti found his own style in combinating straight- driving- hard hitting- and dark Techno.
Just one year later in 2010 he started creating his own Technomusic and finally in the first half of 2012 he had his first EP release, and other followed quickly on Labels like:
Hybrid Confusion, BlackListed Audio, Kopfmusik, Steil, Black Pearl Music, Outside Division, RealTribe Records and so on…
Nowadays Tom Gotti is a well requested DJ and Remixer and did remixes for people like: A-Brothers, Extra Dry, Cern, Christian Kliche, Primal Beat, Peat Noise, Robert Stahl, Audiocoma, Braunton and became an ApemenDelights Technosquad member in 2014.
Watch out for this gifted guy and keep yourself updated what comes next of Tom Gotti.

If you are interested to get Tom Gotti to your event, please send your request with all relevant informations like event name, date, location/venue, and the other Line-up at your Event to his Booking Assistant:
Certainly, he will find a way to satisfy both sides.

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