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Belfast, UK House Tech House Progressive House

Dj, producer and promoter
Part of duo Sound Allegiance

DJing since the age of 14 when he first stumbled upon dance music in the 90’s after listening to tapes from N.I Clubs Circus Circus and exit 15. He became instantly hooked and after purchasing his first set of decks he engrossed himself in dance music. Over the years his music style has changed from hard house,trance, techno through to now playing tech house he learned the art to building a set. Surrounding himself with fellow Djs and music lovers helped lot. Constructive critcicism or advise he received improved his mixing skills. Changing styles expanded his knowledge of genres and overall helped him learn to produce smooth,free flowing, energetic sets. Moving with the time's now using CDJ's and other technology he has found more room for creativity but with a soft spot for the turntable he always maintains that vinyl is the best.

Throughout his early career he ran nights in Frames club Tonic, Dempsey's, Front page and many more throughout Belfast. Then in 2004 he made his debut in The Arena (met armagh) playing a warm up set for then resident Chris Davis. He went on to play sets in the Matrix (dungannon) and Box (Belfast) .Since then he has been regular on the Belfast club scene. 2012 seen TomCole join Essential Music Promotions. Playing and helping organise a number of events with Essential's main man Jim Franklin. They successfully held events for LNADJ in 2012 and Set for Peace in 2013. With more events on the horizon it looks like a good move to get on board with Essential.

Over the past few years he has taken a step back from Djing and has now turned his hand to production. Learning from tutorials friends and fellow producers in this spare time. He began producing from his home studio. In 2011 with no real move towards a production release and feeling the need for someone to bounce ideas off. He joined forces with cousin Joe Brennan. Both from different musical backgrounds. They began creating some quality House music in the home studio. 2012 seen them take the step. Going into a professional studio to master the tracks and get ready for release. In November 2013 they signed two tracks to RiseUp Records. Their Losing Control Ep managed No 43 in the Top 100 progressive release's. Tommy is now working on solo projects along side Sound Allegiance , 2013 was a good year but 2014 is looking a lot better for TomCole. Two tracks released so far on Natura Viva and Avenue recordings.

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