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Tomahawk Bang

Deep House Tech House House Minimal / Deep Tech

My name is We:whum Ha:pul Fulwilder. We:whum Ha:pul means "Thunder Red Tail Hawk" in my Native Akimel O'odham language. I'm from a little reservation called Salt River located in Arizona... I'm a proud O'odham/Maricopa/Pomo/Tlingit/Aleutian Native American...

First and foremost I am a dancer. I dance with an artistry collective that goes by the name "Soul Shifters". I also run with another crew that I've been down with for years and we go by "Sour Patch".

If it wasn't for my crew mate Angelo I wouldn't be where I am today. He introduced me to House music when I was about 18yrs old. We use to go to this club called Pompei which then turned into Club Freedom in Tempe, AZ. located right across the street from Arizona State University. I remember hearing Angelo and one of my other crew mates Brez talk about this new spot they were going to every Wednesday called Batucada. It was a 21 and over club but that didn't stop me from having a look. My friends told me I should just go and scale up the wall to get in from the club next door and hop over from the rooftop. Ironically I now guest DJ regularly at the club I use to sneak from next door. Ever since then I was addicted to House Music.

The freedom of expression I get with House Music is limitless and in return it keeps my Soul Shifting to become one with the music...

Tomahawk Bang

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