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Tobias Patterns-On

Gothenburg, Sweden Indie Dance / Nu Disco Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House +1

Hi and welcome!
It all started in the middle of the 90`s in a small town in the middle of Sweden, when me and my friend went down to my fathers rehearsal and tried out some speakers. We put on some eurotechno track and turned up the volume. It was something about that feeling, the low extended bass that got your whole body to shake that got stuck. I started to organize discotheques in my school and tried out to play records. I really enjoyed it so my family helped me to find a dj course. I worked the whole summer to get those Pioneer cdj500II I had seen in a magazine. Now my interest for electronic music had grown and I put a lot of energy exploring it. Thanks to the Swedish radio show P3 dans, I found a lot of good music.

Some years later, during one weekend just when I started high school, me and my friend ended up at a small underground techno party. I was completely sold. The music was so loud and intense and the dj worked the mixer in a way I had never seen before. The crowd were one with the dj and and the atmosphere was incredible. Me and my friends rented an old factory, at that time acting as a event location to organize parties. The network grew and I got more and more gigs. In this time psychedelic trance interested me more and more. At 2005 I started to get connections outside Sweden and got my first international performance. I continued playing for some year but suddenly I lost the interest for trance music.

After two years pause from the scene and with new music in the case we are now here. Techno grows into more interesting forms. Equipment change. Some years ago playing with a computer was a big no no for me, but now when the technique is so advanced you can take dj´ing to another level. You can completely tear the music apart and rebuild it to something else. Now I don´t mix one record to another. I take four tracks processed by effects, throwing in samples, melodies, loops in a dynamic way without any rules. This way of having total control lit the spark and now I can be creative in many different ways. Thanks to Pioneer you don´t even have to bring your laptop, sound card and controllers anymore. Just put your music on a SD Card and we´re ready to go!!

The best thing is when you got so many options you never know what to do next except look out over the crowd feel the vibe and just act by feeling because in the end we got the dj and we got the crowd, and the crowd need to dance!!

See U on the dance floor.....

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