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I started to spend more time in
Stockholm in 2009 and now spend
several months there every year.
I fell in love with the city right away!
Stockholm feels so crisp and clean with
great food and lovely, beautiful and
charming people who all speak fluent
English and are always well dressed! The
Swedes are enormously talented in
fashion, music and art, which is why I
get along so well with everyone there.
When I arrived, the people of Stockholm
made me feel at home right away and
I’ve made many new friends.
During the week (particularly in the
winter) Swedes tend to work hard and
stay home which allows me to focus on
working on lots of tracks when I’m in
Stockholm. However, on the weekend
they like to party hard and forget about
how hard they worked during the week.
In Stockholm, there are a large number
of clubs all in walking distance from the
center of the city where I stay.
All of these clubs are amazing with
great music and great atmosphere.
There’s also a more alternative part of
the city called Sodermalm that plays
host to great indie artists and more
underground and artistic performances.
These days there are so many great
fashion brands in Sweden so it’s a great
place to shop for stuff you can’t find
anywhere else in the world. There’s no
doubt that the Swedes set trends when
it comes to fashion - you can always
spot new trends when you’re in
Ostermalm or Sodermalm.
The women of Stockholm are the most
beautiful in the world. Every girl looks
like a model but in real life they’re just
educated citizens with regular jobs. The
guys are really good looking as well and
also well educated or...they’re DJs!
As you may know, there are many great
DJs who live in Stockholm and I’m glad
I’ve had the chance to get to know all of
them. Holland and Sweden have both
produced fantastic DJs and spending so
much time in Stockholm, I feel I’m like
the bridge between Holland and
Sweden. My Dutch roots heavily
influence my style of music but since
I’ve lived in Stockholm now for a few
years, the Swedish sound has become
a big influence as well.
Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity
to meet so many great musicians and
DJs and I’m incredibly grateful for that
because they’ve taught me a lot and
they also inspired me to do things
On this compilation you can hear the
influence of the new generation of
Dutch and Swedish DJs. When I listen
back to this mix and the tracks that I
produced and remixed, it takes me back
to special places and very fond
memories of Stockholm. I feel like I
became a little bit Swedish over the
years and I can honestly say that
Stockholm will always be in my heart.

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