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London, UK Breaks Chill Out Deep House Drum & Bass +9

I am a DJ who has many styles/genres at my finger tips.
Even though I’ve lived in so many places my music taste began in Essex, Luckily for me my parents were in to Motown so that’s where the seed for great music was started. In the 80’s my influences in music came from my older brother who liked artists: Eric B and Rakim, LL COOL J, Sugar Hill Gang, Rock Steady Crew, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Cameo and loads more…. Also I listened to lots of different genres like: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Dance but that all changed when I moved away to Portsmouth that seemed to be an age away from everything else, Until my brother played me this new track that he had just bought by Soul II Soul and that’s when I started to get my own identity in my love for music.
Then the 90’s came and Dance music was making a massive charge along with Jungle and Drum and Bass. I can remember going up to Essex to go to my first proper nightclub called Hollwoods, it was a under sixteen’s night a song called Everybody in the place came on followed by Charly performed by this group called ‘The Prodigy’. That was it I had now turned into an official Dance head, I started to go down to collect mix tapes from club nights at this wicked record shop called Boogie Times it was the like the place to get any dance music hot off the press and I’m sure people came from all over just to get their music. Labels like XL Recordings and Suburban Base Records had the Dance/Jungle/Drum n Bass seen brought to the masses and helped kick start the DJ culture and I wanted to be a part of that. It wasn’t until the late 90’s I got a part time job helping do PR for labels called Quench, Pure and Euphoria. It gave me a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes and the owner of it all Danny Donnelly has gone on to be a greater success and has. I had only really started to DJ with my cousin and a few other mates in the UK and Philly, USA but stepped away from it all in 2003.
In 2010 I thought I would go out and purchase myself some new decks and from then until now I’ve been hooked again and ready to put my mixing to the test by offering you all my different mix n blends.

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