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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Psy-Trance

Playing together since 2008, NiGiRi & Bruna put their sets together using the Progressive PsyTrance and Prog dark lines, making the
transition in between them most of the times. They are known for exploring the seriousness of nocturnal tones but have been influenced by a few progressive daytime tones as well. After having performed at great festivals and parties such as Universo Paralello, Revolution Festival , Festival Mundo de Oz, Festival Kundalini, Festival Lua Nova, Festival Outro mundo, Ecosounds Festival, have shared the stage and pick-ups with artists as Merkaba, Sensient, Tetrameth, Grouch, Etic, Disfunction, Perfect Stranger, Naked Tourist, Mental Broadcast, Twelve sessions, Absolum, Swarup, Strange Doctors, Freakulizer, Zartrox, OnionBrain,amongst others.
They decided to devote themselves to study and produce their own music with the project TimeSphere which features well elaborated ambience, instrumentals, organic percussion joining in a fat and groove bassline.

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