Key Commands

thomas william

Cologne, Germany Chill Out House Progressive House +7

schräg,laut &frech^^

since 1990 t.william / thomas william
since 2009 music production - komm_unity

music style
mix between prog house & trance , tribal tech
& uplifting house stuff

resident work
93-99 club LULU cologne
93-06 green komm
02-11 nightkomm (organizer & resident)

a few international stops
stadium / jakarta - indonesian
the midnightshift & woofclub / sydney - australien
S.K.Y / cape town - south africa
basi & mecado mundo mix / sao paulo - brasil
roxy / amsterdam - netherland
amnesia & el divino / ibiza - spain
labyrinth & spider / zuerich - swiss
virus / basel - swiss
le cabaret & naughty / brussels - belgium
U4 / vienna - austria
under / paris - france
MOA club / geneva - swiss
loveball / barcelona & brussels
gorgeous i am/ rom - italy
angel club / madrid - spain

some national stops
love parade, kit kat, roter salon , SO , sky club - berlin
club royal, fivetraxx, zeilgallerie - frankfurt
tribehouse - neuss
ratinger hof - düsseldorf
nachtflug, visions, move club - Cologne
connection - mannheim
blauer salon - dresden
nature one
königsburg - krefeld
fivetraxx, zeilgallerie - Frankfurt
Factory - Dortmund

own events / organizer
nightkomm 2002 -11

label work
sounds good Rec. / a&r
worked for SGR Vinyl Store & music man cologne

nightkomm cd compilation
nightkomm dvd vol. 1 & 2
green komm compilation

winner of the granini dj contest 1998
music style : progressive

comercial release
gorgeous "love sensation"
produced by blank & jones

In 1996 Piet Blank, Andy Kaufhold & Jaspa Jones celebrated their first chart success with their club project
"GORGEOUS".All three singles reached the No. 1 position in the german dance charts and were remixed
by artists like Bellini, Klubbheads, Sash!, Olav Basoski, Future Breeze, Celvin Rotane and more.

komm_unity TW remixes 2010
drastic overdose jon doe nachtangst rec.
something in the air taylor square sorry shoes
sing in space jon doe nachtangst rec.
deception unik au rec.

remixes komm_unity & andreas giese
komm_unity the chase chris bekker raboisen rec.
komm_unity TISGO mike kelly sorry shoes
komm_unity discotheque steven redant sorry shoes
komm_unity me rene raabe sorry shoes
komm_unity the sun exit earth sorry shoes
komm_unity funk u alex rodriguez au rec.
komm_unity upgrate chris bekker S2G rec.
komm_untiy pascha at night bedrud,grolle,giese sorry shoes
komm_unity colour of love dj r.o.n.y. sorry shoes
komm_unity blind angel self delusion guareber rec.
komm_unity das reh michael dierks decksharks

releases before 2009
t.william "pumpattack" sounds good rec.
t.william "tribaltheque" sounds good rec.
t.william vs. emrock "disco3000" sounds good rec.
t.william "tribal heaven" exclusive for green komm
william & hyde "the bomb" redux rec.
white label "pump up the volume" genesis rec.
white label "new balance2004" bootleg


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