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Los Angeles, CA, USA Chill Out Electronica / Downtempo House Progressive House

Niels Houweling better known as MOST, is an electronic music producer and DJ. Although originally from Holland he has always been a citizen of the world. From a young age and almost all his life he has been a globetrotter; growing up in such places like Uruguay, Costa Rica, Florida and New York. But as of late his time travelling the world has morphed into a real purpose; to feed his passion, experience and influence on his musical sound.

MOST was classically trained in Miami and New York. However because of travels and scheduling he finds himself producing a lot more on the go through more advanced means and technologies. At the moment he has returned to the city of his birth, Amsterdam, spending 8 months there, creating and concentrating on releases for his inaugural album launch.

Beyond his musical endeavors MOST’s athletic prowess as former champion skier has been a heavy influence on his structure, determination and concentration to task. Musically although inspired by tech house, hip hop and future bass, it’s no surprise that MOST’s tracks and sets are quite vocal with a low bass, raw beats, heavy percussions and moving synths. It is this intense and uplifting sound which gets his crowds going. MOST’s sound organically developed during his time living in Miami. It came from the Miami beaches with their more authentic uptempo percussions and diversity in rhythm. This melting pot of the Americana culture is his greatest inspiration and the place he likes to call his home away from home. It has made him musically versatile and gifted him the ability to maneuver in and out of genres seamlessly.

Fans of Flume, Alice in Wonderland, Hermitude, Wyatt Estes, Porter Robinson, Mija, Vindata and even pop artists like Rihanna & Drake have found themselves drawn to MOST as his music.

It is early days for the music industry discovery of this young talent, but what they have heard and experienced from this artist has been the MOST impressive of 2016.

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