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The Founder Prophecies

Oryol, Oryol Oblast, Russia Drum & Bass Dubstep Hip-Hop / R&B

Founder Prophecies(Igor Morozov) - DJ and producer from Orel. Passion for music has appeared in 2008, but only two years later (in 2010) started writing his tracks. Have their own label Specific Sound Records and is one of a record label Diamond's Soul Records. Their first EP released in 2011 on the label Brain Media Records. He now works with labels: Bad Boys Recordings[UA], Brain Media Records[RU], Somewhere Out There Records[UA], Moonbit Records[UA]. In a small town, Igor is not the last man, is one of the major representatives of and active participation in promoting drum&bass culture in Orel.
The main style of music: Drum'n'bass / Dubstep.
Under style of music: Neurofunk, Technoid, Darkstep, Jump Up, Grime.

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