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Karlsruhe, Germany

Terry C From a child interested in music, first broken turntable, Walkman with recorded songs, radio shows ... The origins date back to 2009., The first event, option to preview professional DJs result inspiration for electronic music and DJ work. First steps put in front of a computer (Traktor DJ Studio), half day sessions, read hundreds of
articles on techniques for mixing, handling equipment as well as presenting works helped him to understand who he really is and what it deals with a DJ. Deejay is not only a natural person operating the electronic equipment, is the spirit of the audience by communicating emotions appropriately selected tracks, creating a unique atmosphere. Perseverance and the desire for order led him to the first performance before an audience, under the supervision of the local resident. Jitters, nerves and some not successful transition not move him, melee counter. Hobby it has become an addiction, the first professional equipment, the first sets and the quest for perfection enabled him to regular appearances in local clubs.

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