Key Commands


Electro House Hard Dance Trance Electronica / Downtempo +1

Elvijs Arnicans is a producer who created his first originally composed track on November 2011. He decided to create a youtube channel for his music to get feedback and build his skills. His skills improved with each new track uploaded, and the feedback and audience were increasing rapidly.
After only taking feedback into consideration and applying it into his newer uploads, the critique and tips started to fade, and were replaced by only positive feedback.
After not receiving any more negative feedback, he started experimenting by mixing genres and sounds that would not usually work together.
That's when the true Technoreabit was born.
Created and shaped by Electronic Music Fans.
Still in learning stages, Technoreabit has released over 25 freely downloadable tracks.
Currently Technoreabit is known as one of the complex and original artists on the underground EDM scene.
Youtube channel recently achieved the 200,000 view milestone and 16,000 subscriber milestone.
Technoreabit is also Known as the founder of "The Electronic Music Community"
Ranging from Trance to Electro-House and Dubstep. Technoreabit has a track to satisfy any Electronic Music Lover's ear.

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