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The Hague, The Netherlands Techno Progressive House Electronica +5

Techmactic has been involved with music ever since he was born. In the age of sixteen he discovered his love for DJ-ing and Producing. He really got involved quickly because he has been working on some of the best clubs in Portugal.
When Techmactic was a youngster he was fascinated by the sound of Techno.
DJ-ing is not just one of his talents, when you put Techmactic in a studio he creates magic. Starting off with his ‘Edm, Dubstep, Hardcore – The sound you cant Describe, which was supported by a lot of big names in the scene. Techmactic producing skills only kept growing. His Brutal Inocence track was a major breakthrough. He also made the official Mash Up One chop Suey.
His style? EDM!
Dubstep, hardcore and trap, music in all kinds of ways. Techmactic explains:
"I just don’t think that doing the same thing all over again won’t get me any further. I think you need to be capable of handling any crowd in front of you’’. Techmactic is definitely a DJ that turns the club upside down!
As a Producer he tried to created Techno, After while he started to listening to other Producers from all over the world and discovered EDM (Dubstep, Hardcore,Electro House, Glitch Hop, Trap). He got caught by these new musical genre’s and decided the these sounds where the sounds he wanted to create.
With an own EP on its way the future is looking very prosperous for Techmactic.

Music can be considered as his greatest passion in life. Besides dancing and making people crazy on the dancefloor with his DJ skills, It was love at first sight when Techmactic had his first DJ-moment.
If you need a true entertainer, Techmactic is your man!

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