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Stockholm, Sweden Techno Tech House Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House

Taktfast consists of Tobias Stüve and Michael Rasmusson, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. They have been involved in the electronic dance music scene since the beginning of 2000. Their influences have a wide spread in the world of music, breakbeats, hip-hop, classical music and all kind of electronic music. Their sound could be explained as dark, funky and percussive. For several years they hosted a radio show in Sweden aswell as the UK. They've been spinning around Stockholm but also represented in Thailand, London & Slovenia. Since 2006 they have had numerous releases on labels in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Germany, USA and the UK. Today they are organizing and spinning on Techno events in Stockholm alongside 420Group, Subway Culture and Clubminimal under the name We Are Techno. Taktfast and Clubminimal also have their own monthly club called Bass:ment in Stockholm. Always working on new material in the studio.

Their tracks have been supported by:
Marc De Pulse | Slam | Christian Varela | Dj Lion | Sam Paganini | Christian Cambas | Spartaque | Dema | Flex | Microcheep & Mollo | Bodyscrub | Filterheadz | Markus Schulz | Dj PP | Stevie Wilson | Paco Osuna | Andres Gil | Mario Ochoa | Aitor Ronda | Raul Mezcolanza | Alexey Kotlyar | Angelo Ferreri | Dj Tonio | Sisko Electrofanatik | Kenny Ground | Lissat & Voltaxx | Oscar L | Gaetano Verdi | Max Bett | Sergio Fernandez | Jorge Montia | Robert Stahl | Madhatter | Max Olsen | Paul Baker | Marco Und Der Geigenmann | and more..

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