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Miami, FL, USA Garage / Bassline / Grime House Deep House Dance +3

DJ, producer and conductor of infectious grooves: Takshak, also known as Jovann G. Lopez, was born and raised in Miami, FL and filling our ears with a delectable sound of his own since 2010. Growing up in a melting pot of diverse cultures, Takshak was influenced by different genres including Hip Hop, Techno, Bass and House. With releases on Bad Dog and Darkshades, Takshak creates a fresh new blend of hip-house and bass heavy dance music every time he hits the stage while maintaining a dark and bouncy garage-house vibe. Having spent many years playing at some of the best local nightclubs like, Heart, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, SLS Hyde Beach, Whisper, Stache House and performing at Ultra Music Festival you can guarantee to see a high energy performance with good vibes.

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