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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House Dubstep



..In the early 80’s I didn’t know that electronic music existed at all.

I thought to my self “That’s what I’m talking about!”.
From that moment on sleep was the last thing on my mind.
I needed a computer, but how?

I scraped together all the money I could get
my hands on, till I had the legendary C64 in my sweating palms.
At first I started with a tracking program called Noisetracker. It took some time
to reach the limits of this system, so again I started to scrape together all my money.

In 1995 I bought an Amiga 500 with a new tracker program (Fasttracker).
Worked with it 2 years,
then it came my first PC. *Yikes
1997, the music I developed was reaching new height’s with the aid of 44.1 kHz
and 16Bit Sampling Rate.
I took out a loan to get a Synthesizer and stuff:
Yamaha CS1X, Cubase and Co. I worked with this Setup till the end of 1998.

1999, bought some more Equipment which resulted in better arrangements and sounds.
But this was not enough for me!

2000 - 2001, I took a break from producing because I needed some time to reflect on
how my life would progress. But then, in Mid of 2001 I took up the fight by taking a helping
hand in the creation of TAKEYDO, the start of a new chapter.

At the end of 2001 I bought Apple´s G4 Powermac with new software which opened
new worlds for me. New Synthesizer´s and other hardware was duly bought.
The Sequencer from this point on was Logic! :)
2002, the project was growing which resulted in my first vinyl release.
An accomplishment that I’m proud of.

At the end of 2003 one member of the group left the project.

TAKEYDO is a one man project again and the development continues ..

.. till today

Well, we will see what the future has in store, but one thing is certain,
it will be worth it as long as there is good music to listen too ..

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