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Synestesick is originated from Guadalajara Mexico formed by Tony Gonzalez and Eduardo Gonzalez.

It all started in 2010,before Synestesick was created Tony Gonzalez was Euphori-x at that that moment in 2009,
before Eduardo Gonzalez joined Synestesick. In July of 2010 Synestesick was created inspired in providing their
best feelings, thoughts and experiences throught their music.

Tony Gonzalez is originated from Guadalajara, Jalisco. He started playing the keyboard since he was 10 years
old basing his music material into Classic, Vicking, Folk, EBM, Indie , Doom, Gothic, Death, Black. It All started by
the lyrics ant the acustic notes. Actually it has developed a year ago in the Psytrance scene of what it had him
estimulated certain part of his vision towards music.He started using psytrance for him to be able to create his own

Eduardo Gonzalez is originated from Guadalajara Mexico , his taste for electronic music started when he was
14 years old at the same time he started a psytrance proyect called Infected Noise, at the time passed by he
and his uncle started creating many sounds and melodies together being at the puclics aproval into the psytrance
scene for what its now called Synestesick.

Hear, Think and Feel!!!

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