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Zurich, Switzerland Drum & Bass

Syneptic is a 19 year old DJ / producer from Switzerland who has started DJing in 2013.
He always had a passion for all sorts of music, especially drum and bass since 2011, which meant that it was only a matter of time until he got into DJing.

After quickly understanding the basics of DJing he spent a lot of time and effort in trying out various mixing techniques in order to create diverse and energetic sets.
It was not long until he supported big artists such as Camo & Krooked, Mutated Forms, Modestep, Task Horizon, Spite and Jenna G. In addition, he has played at an Open Air Event and also as headliner at a local event.

In early 2014, Syneptic has been featured on Crissy Criss’ Drum & Bass Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra with an Xtra Talent Guest Mix, on the Swiss Playground Label with the very first Guest mix of their weekly Playtime Podcast and he has also done a Guest Mix for DnbFrance.

As he got more and more into music he discovered his passion for electronic music production. You can expect new tracks from him soon @

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