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Symeon Ravera

Athens, Greece Trance

Symeon Ravera was born in Athens,
All the way from athens & netherlands,
this dj & producer is known for the uniqueness in his sounds
and the aim of making melodies to take you into a state of euphoria
with nothing but adrenaline.
All great music reaches into your very soul, captures the mind and touches the heart. It can tell a story, take you on an incredible journey and target many different types of emotions. Music such as this can only come from the hard work of a great artist, an artist such as Symeon Ravera,
Symeon story started in Summer 2008 when met through mutual friends and joined forces for music production after a discussion about music in a small bar in the netherlands,
Had a perfect ear for good melodies,dance & music like Trance | Progressive | Electronica,styles like big names Armin Van Buuren,Marcus Schultz,Above & Beyond,Cosmic Gate,Gareth Emery and many more,Brand new tracks and shows are coming, so..stay tuned !!!

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