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Atlanta, GA, USA Funk / Soul / Disco Progressive House Dance +3

Sydni "Sydtastic" Jones is an American music producer/engineer , songwriter, score composer, and performer from Atlanta, Ga . At the tender age of 11, Jones began to play the alto saxophone. By 13, she was playing the alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and grand piano. Around that time, Jones was introduced to the universal music production software, Fruity Loops Studio by her brother. She wrote, produced, and recorded her first single "Got Me Goin" at age 16. Now at age 20, Jones has taken her sound and defined it as not only unique, but innovative. She has networked and produced for artists in Florida, Valdosta, Jackson (MS) , Harlem , Queens, Chicago, Atlanta, And Toulouse (France). Jones is extremely ambitious, driven and motivated to pursue her entertainment career and to change the face of women in music, especially in production and composition. (2012)

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