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Vienna, Austria Techno Electronica

Born in Warsaw (Poland) and now living in Vienna (Austria)

Patryk P... aka Subporter had a keen interest in music from an early age. He discovered techno music at the age of 15 years for the first time and was very quickly addicted on the varied techno sounds.

His taste in music has been influenced mainly by artists like: Dave Clarke, DJ Rush, Jeff Mills & Sven Väth but also lots of 80's & 90's and all kind of unique music stuff.

These influences sprouted seeds at the age of 16 years old to explore how to produce music. Very soon he started to discover and experiment with electronic music.

At first, music was just a hobby, but his obsession grew stronger and he invested in his first pieces of music equipment soon.
Meanwhile, already flowed a large part of his salary from his job as an IT support technician to his continuously growing home studio.

He takes every opportunity to make music and enjoys producing new sounds for fun.
So you can be sure that he will continue to bring good stuff out.

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