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Stevie R

London, UK Deep House Techno Tech House Electronica / Downtempo

Stevie R, otherwise known by the name of Stavros Potamitis, has been making some heads turn in the industry since his Producing/DJ career inception. Introduced to classical music at an early age, Stavros decided to take his early years of experimentation and knowledge to put towards a career in making music. Alongside his prominent personal career, while in London, Stavros decided to branch out and help construct the ever-evolving Inside Out Records.

Running his own label Inside Out Records, working as a sound designer for the renowned Cr2 Records, and releasing his own music have kept Stevie R busy for the last couple of years. His productions have hit labels the likes of OFF Recordings, Babiczstyle, Inside Out Records, Motek, Dialtone, Union Jack Records, Steyoyoke and the list keeps going. His music has also been charted by music pioneers like Nick Warren and picked up by HBO for the famous series 'Girls'. Furthermore, 'Deep Analogue House' Sample Pack, which he designed for Cr2, proudly figured at Beatport's number 1 chart position for more than a month.

What's more Stevie R is a renowned dj with plenty of significant local and international shows throughout the last decade. To name a few of the venues: Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Kosmonaut (Berlin), Basing House (London), Fire (London), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Loook (Saint Petersburg), Cargo (London) Rhythm Factory (London), Café 1001(London), Ground 281 (London), Horse And Groom (London)

It might seem hard to believe that Stavros has achieved all that at such an early age considering he entered University Of Peloponnese in 2006 to study 'Telecommunications Engineering'. After his graduation and having obtained a good background in digital signal processing, he moved to London in 2012 to join Point Blank School Of Music, where he obtained his 'Music Production and Sound Engineering' Diploma. Shorty after handling him his diploma, Point Blank wrote a student success article for him.

Motek, London, said:
"Many artists thrive on hype but others let the music do the talking. Stevie R is one of those that let the music speak for itself. He is one of the most underrated producers in the scene at the moment"

Stevie indeed doesn't thrive on hype. He is one of those sitting countless hours in his studio, field recording trains and construction workers just to give people something really worth listening to.

Ambitious? Future will tell…

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