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Greece Progressive House Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House +1

Steve, originally from Newcastle, UK, now residing in Greece, has been producing electronic music since 2004. He is a musician, studying classical piano, and is an avid didgeridoo player. Now working as a reflexologist with his own company in Athens... Steve became involved in the electronic music scene while studying in Manchester, organising parties and djing. Resident dj and co-organiser of various nights, such as Sunrise (formally global sunrise along with Matt Allaby/Ed Tangent), Spirit and Ossicles parties..Now living in Greece, he has been a regular dj at most of the big clubs in Athens, and on many islands in the summer, playing from house/minimal techno to progressive trance (slightlydelic). Steve has now released over 250 trks, as steve self, and also releases as Squared curves, Idrop and Casual Holmes ......
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Spiral trax
plusquam recs
fraud recs
Progress recs
moxi recs
teleapthy recs
shiva recs
Productus BMM recs
New era recs
headstick digital
Earhead audio
drag & drop recs
undergound lessons
Westone recs
uxmal recs
ambiosphere recs
Dbeatzion recs

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