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Steve Morris

Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK Techno

Steve Morris - Techno Producer & DJ

Steve Morris has been DJing for the past 15 years having developed a love for Techno during the nineties.

Born in Birmingham, Steve moved to Brighton in 1995 and was a regular fixture on the free party and underground scene. The experience impressed upon Steve and his friends immeasurably. Their parties would move between warehouses,the South Downs and the clubs of Brighton.

“My most memorable club experience has to be Jeff Mills playing vinyl on three decks at Lost. He would play over 200 records in a set.”

In the past few years Steve has turned his hand to producing Techno in the true sense of the sound.

“I always wanted to learn to produce but it was something that I just didnt consider was possible back in the day because the production techniques were analogue and too expensive,” he says.

“In recent years it was made easier by DAWs like Ableton. I have always liked experimental sounds and I have tried to perfect sound design to really define my own sound.”

It may have taken a few years to get there, but Steve is settling on a sound that has started to reach the attention of labels with releases on Nollij records and Naked Lunch.

Think Berlin, think minimal and you’re part way there. Uncompromising at times and perfect for 3am, Steve is on a journey that more are sure to join in on.

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